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Credit "Prod. by Slickz Amsterdam"
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Credit "Prod. by Slickz Amsterdam"
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About Me
Slickz Amsterdam

Born & raised to Ghanaian parents in Amsterdam Bijlmer, The Netherlands. I didn’t develop a passion for music until my mid teens even though my mother enthusiastically enrolled me onto various Music courses from 8 years old.

My first real interest for music developed when I stumbled upon Cool Edit Pro however, this software allowed me to record/edit my own songs and gave me a taste of music production. Soon after I came across FL Studio around 14 years old, back then it was known as Fruityloops. In the following years I spent hours behind the computer, figuring out what each slide, knob and button does. I learnt how FL Studio & other DAW’s function and learnt composition. Not long thereafter I sold my first beat, which was amazing to me…Something I created in my bedroom resonated with that artist so much that they paid for it and to put the cherry on top of the cake, I did it all by myself.

With my new found passion I started to invest money into MIDI Keyboards, Hardware & many VST’s. Gradually I developed my composition skills and created a broad catalogue of beats ranging from Hiphop to Drum & Bass, whilst studying Biomedical Science at Middlesex University. Motivated yet afraid to chase my Dream, I stuck to the course and would produce in my “spare time”, soon enough it overlapped with University. I wasn’t confident to let anybody listen but after a few years of uploading beats to Youtube, receiving positive feedback and selling a few beats to artists, I realised I’ve got something tangible and I was determined to dedicate 100% of my effort to music & become a music producer.

Ultimately after my 1st year of Biomedical Science, I made a last minute decision & switched to study Creative Music Technology at Falmouth University from which I graduated in Sep, 2015.

Fast forward to 2016, now I have produced for many US artists and artists in Europe such as Tocarra Hamilton, Hi Definite, Lady Shocker & Killa Shak to mention a few. I’m steadily building my brand & currently establishing my own publishing company, The Grustle. The aim is to release dope music independently with talented artists who have a clear vision.

“Nothing is given, create your own luck”.

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